Olive Oil

The best selection of extra virgin olive oils you can find in the United Kingdom.

Olive oil is a product rooted in our food culture for thousands of years and is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. It was the Phoenicians who made this product known to the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula in the 11th century BC.
Speaking of olive oil in Spain is to understand the importance of our country as a strategic producer and source of supply for the whole world. Spain is the world’s leading producer of olive oil and its production represents 44% of the world, and 62% of the European total.

aceite olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the main product of our company, which makes it our mission every season, is to carefully select our suppliers. We represent more than 60 companies producing extra virgin olive oil and we have placed our total confidence in the supreme quality of their products.

We are proud to import this liquid gold to the United Kingdom, so that you can enjoy this jewel inherited from our ancestors.