About Us

Passionate in highest quality products

Passionate in highest quality products

Old Olive Tree was founded in 2015 by masters and passionate professionals who offer a magnificent and exclusive selection of extra fine and high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil to connoisseurs, enthusiasts and haute cuisine professionals. At Old Olive Tree, our only intention is to offer a wide to offer a Wide variety of extra virgin olive oil from producers that exclusively harvest in different regions of Spain.

Our gourmet catalogue is a collection of the most prized olive oil brands en the world.

We have been committing our years of experience to work only with small farmers and producers, and for years we have been devoted to introduce high- quality gourmet products in the United Kingdom.

We would like to share with you our way of life and offer our delights which are the basis of the Mediterranean diet, a millenary heritage: the Mediterranean diet which not only is a model of healthy eating, but also represents cultures, customs, typical products, etc.